Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ipoh Man

*8hb Jun 2012
00.00 a.m
Go0d Midnight to everybody.

Hey handsome boy,
 I want to say this to you.
You listen to me.
Ehem, ehem, ehem.
Check check 1 2 3 ~

B : Be yourself
I : Invite new challenger 
R : Recall past triumph 
T : Trust your instinct 
H : Have faith in your abilities
D : Desire only the best
A : Affirm your strengths 
Y : You're got what it takes

Dear Ipoh Man,

"May life's brigthest joys,
Illuminate your path,
and may each days journey,
Make your dream come true."

*May this day bring you all the things that can make you smile & happy.

Special for you,
Muhd Amin Bin Jamli

-Thank for always being beside me when I need someone.
-Sorry, dear. I could not be with you on this your special day.
-I hope our relationship will remain until the end of life. 

From :
xoxo HoneyLiya xoxo BeeAmin xoxo

*The same guys in this post entry "Happy Birthday 19 years old"

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